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REsponse to COVID-19 from the vicar

Please see below for Mike's in-depth response (issued on 13th March 2020) to the Coronavirus pandemic and what it means for us as Christians and as a local church. This response takes into account the latest advice from Public Health England and our UK Government, as well as from The Church of England guidelines and bodies such as the World Health Organisation. 

The current medical advice is that if you have developed a new and consistent cough, and/or are running a high temperature, that you should self-isolate for 7 days (at least) - for more and the latest information regarding this, and much more, please click here. If you feel you need more specific advice, do call 111, but don't if you avoid it by reading up online, to help keep the lines clear for others.

The In Depth Response document attached below highlights our pastoral and practical response at the Lantern to this extraordinary situation. We take it seriously of course, but also, we stay calm, remain careful and we care for one another and our community.

We respond not in panic, but prayer; not out of fear, but love. God is good.

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