Is this an opportunity to reboot
our community?

Covid-19 has shaken the world and it has touched every community. The numbers of people impacted are awful, the financial impact will last for years to come and each individual who has lost their life is.
However, increasingly articles are appearing highlighting some of the positives that seem to be emerging from lockdown and in a recent survey, only 9% of Britons wanted life to return to ‘normal’ afterwards. It feels like we have woken up to some things… 


We have seen:

- communities coming together, less individualism
- benefits to the global environment
- challenges to injustice in our society gain momentum
- new heroes in the NHS, teachers and other key workers
- more valuing of life over productivity


We at the Lantern church are committed to being a church that is not just ‘in’ our community, but ‘for’ our community and so we are reflecting on some of these things and would love to hear your voice. Is this an opportunity to “reboot” our community?

Would you be kind enough to take just a few minutes to complete our online survey, thank you. 

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