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What is The Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course was developed in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee for couples who are married or in a long-term relationship seeking practical support to strengthen their relationship, keep the spark alive and stay connected. Over seven sessions, the course covers: Strengthening Connection, The Art of Communication, Resolving Conflict, The Power of Forgiveness, The Impact of Family, Good Sex and Love in Action.

How will this work online?

Each week for the seven weeks you will receive an email with a video link from your hosts. You and your partner will then watch this together, with breaks for discussions and reflection. You will receive a journal each to work through alongside the videos. Each session including time for the video and discussion should take a couple of hours but the beauty of doing this online means you can split this over a few nights if that works better. There will also be the opportunity to receive optional, personal support from your host couples.

Join us

The videos will be available each week, from the Monday evening until Saturday night, for you and your partner to do at a convenient time. Although we are not currently running a course we would love you to get in touch with us if you are interested!

All are welcome!

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