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The Lantern Love Fund (LLF) helps to bring practical and/or financial support to members of our church family and our wider community who need it, as well as connecting them to further support if required. It is part of how the church seeks to be a ‘family of God’ to one another and play our part in ‘transforming our communities’. It expresses the values of loving compassion and radical generosity that are important to us and are inspired by the character of the early church we read about in the book of Acts in the Bible:

“They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.”

(Acts 2:45, The Message)


The LLF was birthed out of an Advent teaching series in 2018 and a spontaneous and unexpectedly generous response from the church family to some community needs we knew of in the lead up to Christmas. We believe it was inspired by God, and so it has become a more permanent expression of our love for one another and our community.


The LLF is something that, if you feel moved to, you can contribute to. Or if you are someone in need and are feeling courageous enough, you can use the form below to email the vicar (only he will see it to begin with) to share something of your need.  We recognise that might be hard to admit you need help, but we want you to know that there is a church family here who love you just as you are, and who really wants to help. 

So please get in touch via the contact form below and if we can help, we will. 

Contact Us

Thank you so much getting in touch, we will do all we can to see how we can help!

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If you like, you can read the LLF’s ‘Terms of Reference’ here to find out more about how we try to steward the LLF in a holistic and transparent way, whilst preserving confidentiality where necessary, under the oversight of the Lantern Sub-Committee. The LLF is administered by a small team of four members of the church, and the vicar.

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