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Connecting to life at the lantern

We hope that you'll feel really welcome at the Lantern, and if so, we'd love to help you connect more deeply with life here.


If you haven't already been to the 'New Here?' page, head there and message us to get connected and be informed on all things to do with 'life at the Lantern' - you can do that via the link below 

The next step is to attend a Newcomers Tea, where you'll get to meet Mike and Michelle (if you haven't already!) and other members of the staff team, there we'll get to know each other better and help answer questions and share a bit more of the vision of the church and how to engage with all that goes on. You'll be invited to Pray for the church, Connect to a Group, Serve in some way and Give to support the life and mission of the church. Click below to find the date of the next Newcomers Tea and sign up.

And after that... well, if somehow you haven't already been invited to join one by another member of the church, it's time to Connect to a Connect Group...

Connect groups & GROWTH GROUPS

We believe that the Lantern should be a place where everyone and anyone can belong, connecting more deeply with one another and with God. We are called to grow up in the Christian faith, nurturing disciple-making disciples, becoming mature in truth, love and spiritual gifts. As the body of Christ we seek to encourage and equip one another to live with and for Jesus every day, in every place, in every way and with everything we have. As we do that we hope also to be part of a movement that reaches the lost and transforms our communities. 


That's the vision, and to that end we invite you to join one of our Connect Groups, and their Growth Groups. Our Groups meet every week, either as a larger CG or a smaller GG. They meet at church, in homes and in other places in the community. Click on the button below to find out more:


If you would be interested in joining a Connect Group we would love to hear from you. 

You can register your interest by emailing us via the button below:

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