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Sunflower project

This graphic was designed by one of the young adults at the Lantern Church. A sunflower with it's roots coming

from an empty first century tomb and a quote from the Bible. The quotation is a message of new hope, of new life.

Life springing up, almost inexplicably, and surprisingly, like a river appearing in a desert.

Hope providing a way when there seems no escape.

Christians believe that this hope was fulfilled in Jesus! At Easter, we remember the

forgiveness and new life made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Don't we all need hope? Doesn't our world need a new beginning?

Ultimately Jesus is what we all need!

Every time you see a Sunflower in our community in the coming months,

may it remind you of this, and the new life that came from an empty first century tomb.

Can you grow the tallest sunflower or one with the 

biggest head in the WHOLE OF THE MERLEY AREA? Then read on...  

We are having a FUN competition to bring bit of sunshine and HOPE into Merley and nearby areas. 

We've given out sunflowers seeds to our local first school, preschool and other members of our community to plant, we have extra seeds available if you would like to join in, or you're welcome to plant your own beautiful sunflower seeds of hope and by the time they bloom we will hopefully be through the worst of these COVID times. 

Better times are coming along with the sunshine and flowers, so stay strong and keep the hope coming.

Why Sunflowers?

They make us smile, they are bright and colourful, they are environmentally friendly, producing pollen and food for bees and birds, AND their heads follow the Sun reminding us that if we do the same the dark shadows disappear.

The Competition

Plant your sunflower seeds individually in small pots.  Sow the seeds and grow them on a sunny windowsill from March. 

As the plant roots stick out of the bottom of the pot, plant into a bigger pot with more space. Plant outside in mid-May with a tall cane or stick as support. Water and feed it well. You can use a tape measure to record how quickly it grows. 

Anyone of any age can participate - you just need somewhere to plant and grow your sunflowers.

Prizes (16 or under, and over 16) will be awarded for:

  1. The tallest sunflower

  2. The biggest (widest diameter) sunflower head

Send your measurement to Ruth Grist at by the closing date of 11th September.  

We will check measurements of the winning entries.

We cannot wait to see Merley’s gardens and outdoor spaces full of sunflowers. Good luck!

From April you will be able to see how others are doing... make sure you post pictures of your plants on

the Lantern Families Facebook page

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