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CONNECT groups



David & Katherine STICKLAND

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

In their home

We look forward to our Connect Group being a place where people feel a sense of love and welcome. Come and be prepared to get involved, exploring faith together as family. We pray that as we meet in a home setting, the relaxed atmosphere will enable us to encounter God, enjoy each other's company and have some fun over food and drink.


Jenny & Denham HOWARD

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Main Church, The Lantern Church

Our vision for the Connect Group is to create an environment to go deeper in relationship with God and each other through discipleship, intimate worship and encounter with the Holy Spirit. Somewhere to explore spiritual gifts, prophesy & healing, equipping and enabling others in leading, preaching and worship, and sharing testimonies of what God has done in our lives. We seek to be outward looking, sharing life together, and creating a space of belonging, being transformed through God's healing power in order to impact everyday life.

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Pru KING & Jake rowland

Tuesday at 7pm

Main Church, The Lantern Church

Having been involved in the leading of our two young adult life groups in the past, we are excited to facilitate a new connect group, which welcomes those who call themselves 'young adults' as well as people of other ages and stages in life. We are passionate about digging deep into the Bible, wrestling with what it has to say about how to live as followers of Jesus; about worship and creating space to encounter God; and about having lots of opportunity for connection with one another... often with food involved!

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Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Allendale Centre, Wimborne

We are a group of Christians who are serious about our faith, live in Wimborne and want to create an authentic community.  We strive to live life in all its fullness, following the principles of the Bible and growing in our relationships with Jesus. We want to create meetings that are open to others who may be interested in exploring faith, but who may not be keen or confident to walk into a traditional church service. If you have a question, are intrigued or just want somewhere you can relax with a good coffee, then join us!




Wednesdays at 7:30pm

The Hub, The Lantern Church

Andy and Bex look forward to welcoming you to their group.  It’s a space to share stories and food, learn from the Bible, form friendships, and encourage one another as Jesus-followers in the journey of faith. We are excited for all God has in store!


Phil & Katy Jack

Wednesdays at 7:45pm

Canford School

We are excited to start a new Connect Group for all ages and stages in our walks with the Lord. We have a heart for discipleship and love to see people grow deeper in their love, knowledge and service of Jesus. We hope and pray that our CG will be a relaxed place where we can enjoy getting to know each other, share food, life and fellowship, supporting each other prayerfully and growing in our love and service of the Lord Jesus together. We love studying the Bible and want to drink deeply from his life-giving word each week, to hear Him speak to us by His Spirit and to encourage one another to live wholeheartedly for Jesus.



Cecilie Wingate

Thursdays at 10:00am

The Hub, The Lantern Church

We are a group of ladies who all meet together for fellowship, worship, prayer, coffee and food... oh and to study and discuss the Christian faith through the Bible. Every other week we are divided into two Growth Groups.


Peter & Fiona Ferenczy

Thursdays at 7:30pm

The Hub, The Lantern Church

Description coming soon...


Mike & Michelle Tufnell

Thursdays at 5:00pm

The Lantern Church

This group is primarily called to support young families, helping us find a space we can laugh, cry, eat and together we can learn how to grow as families of faith in this a full-on season of life. We share kids tea (tick!) together and are finished by 7pm, not too late for little ones to get home to bed (tick!), and in-between that we run a simple activity for the kids, allowing some space for the 'grown ups' to worship, share life, grow in faith and pray for one another. The group is still open to all ages, you're welcome... and it might be that you're at a different stage of life, but would love to support the vision for this group.

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